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SolderPro 180 Multifunction Soldering Gun

SolderPro 180 Multifunction Soldering Gun

Description of SolderPro 180 Multifunction Soldering Gun

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There is one choice for heavy-duty projects that is cordless and still packs a punch: the SolderPro 180 Multifunction Soldering Gun. This hand torch can travel anywhere, operates in almost any condition, is simple to use and most importantly, safe. Equivalent to a 185-watt soldering iron, the torch burns at 2500 F and is ready to use in 30 seconds following its ignition. Once this butane torch becomes active, it can help you get work done for 120 minutes straight on its mid-setting. The SolderPro 180 also has multiple functions, made with interchangeable tips to use it as a Torch, Hot Blower, Hot Knife, and of course for Soldering.

This cordless torch is not your ordinary butane gas guzzler. Powered by refillable Liquid Energy Cells (LEC), the SolderPro 180 Soldering Gun uses the safest, most portable and most reliable patented fuel by Pro-Iroda. LECs are an exclusive energy source, only used with the best tools out on the market, and the SolderPro 180 fits the bill. Better yet, it is available almost anywhere; no need for special separate orders, just drop by the store and refill your SolderPro Multifunction Soldering Gun. No project is too tough for the 180 torch.

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Features and Benefits

  • Patented Liquid Energy Cell (LEC)
  • Cordless, simple and safe to operate in almost any conditions
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds after ignition
  • Four function tips change in seconds for Soldering, Torch, Hot Blower, Hot Knife
  • Removable LEC contains power for up to 120 minutes use
  • Equivalent to a 185-watt soldering iron & 2500 F torch



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