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Super Cold 134A

Super Cold 134A
Super Cold 134A  

Solder joints can become very hot, and when working on the job, there isn't always time to wait for things to cool down. If only you could flash freeze a spot and get back to work; and with Super Cold 134A you can! From MG Chemicals comes a cold aerosol that can be sprayed onto hot spots and drastically lower their temperatures to harden the surface almost immediately. Non-flammable and non-conductive, this aerosol is safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Super Cold is also designed to quickly and easily remove adhesives and glues, and locate thermal points and cracks in electrical components that could cause technical problems. No residue is left behind from this spray so there is no need for an extra clean up when work is done. A variable valve is attached to give you control over how much or how little of a range to freeze. It’s time to cool down with Super Cold 134A.

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