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MGC Super Thermal Grease

Super Thermal Grease

Description of MGC Super Thermal Grease

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Dissipating heat is a required function of heat sinks so that CPUs will cool and not burn out during operation. Sometimes a heat sink is not enough and needs a little extra push; this is where some thermal grease will help. Just apply a small amount onto the processor, spread evenly, and then install a cooling device. This addition will aid in reducing heat and keeping the machine from overheating. In turn, your electrical appliance will have higher and better performance capabilities.

Super Thermal Grease from MGC is a perfect solution to aid in heat dissipation. Able to withstand up to 302F of heat, and having a strong ability for thermal conductivity, this oil-based product is high in viscosity and firm once applied. Silicon and metal free, circuitry shorts are prevented and your electronics keep running smoothly. You can also breathe freely knowing that MGC grease is RoHS compliant and does not contain toxic chemicals.

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Features and Benefits

  • Operating temperature up to 302F
  • Made of paraffin oil
  • Contains no silicon or metal particles
  • Prevents Overheating
  • RoHS compliant

More Info

 Physical Properties
 Test Method  
 Phase Highly viscous 
 Base Blend of Synthetic Fluids 
 Odor Odorless 
 Color White 
 Specific Gravity
 Flash Point 165C 
 Auto-ignition Temp >315C 
 Solubility in Water Insoluble 
 VOC Zero 
 Vapor Density >5 (Air=1) 
 RoHs Compliant Yes 
Thermal Properties
 Thermal ConductivityASTM-D-5470 in W/mK 
 50C 2.97 
 100C 2.98 
 150C 3.00 
 Thermal Limits  
 Peak (-40C-175C) 
 Long Term (-15C-150C) 
 Electrical Properties
 Dielectric Strength (Tested at 1 MHz @ ambient condition)ASTM-D-150 170 Volts/mil 
 Dielectric Constant (Tested at 1 MHz)ASTM-D-150 4.2 
 Dissipation Factor (Tested at 1 MHz)ASTM-D-150 0.001 
 Volume Resistivity (Tested at ambient condition)ASTM-D-257 1.2x10^12 Ohmscm 


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