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Triplett Analog Hand Sized Testers

Triplett Analog Hand Sized Testers - 310

Description of Triplett Analog Hand Sized Testers

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For an easy to use voltage meter that fits in your hand, try the Analog voltage tester from Triplett. Featuring 18 ranges and functions, this pocket-sized VOM has all the versatility and performance of larger, more expensive devices. Encased in a drop resistant, high-impact cover, these 310 models can take a bit of a beating before they crack—the Triplett Analog VOM even has protection from diode overload and resists up to 20M Ohms.

The two Triplett 310 models are very similar, but there are a few differing features between the two. 310C can do everything its counter-part can do, but it also has decibel functions for audio work, a polarity reversing switch, and greater sensitivity on AC volts. Powered by 12V batteries, and implemented with 250V fuses, the energy sources are easily replaceable. It is clear that no performance is sacrificed on Triplett Analog Hand Sized Testers, great for telecommunications maintenance and repairs.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

 Property 310310C
 DC Voltage5 (3000mV to 1200V)
3% full scale
5 (3000mV to 600V)
3% full scale
 AC Voltage5 (3V to 1200V)
4% full scale
5 (3V to 600V)
4% full scale 
 AC Output Voltage Measurement-- -- 
 DC Current4 (0.6mA to 0.6A)
3% full scale
4 (0.6mA to 0.6A)
3% full scale
 Resistance4 (20KΩ to 20MΩ)
3% full scale 
4 (20KΩ to 20MΩ)
3% full scale 
 dB Ranges-- -- 
 Total Ranges/Functions18 18 
 Meter ProtectionDiode Meter Protection Diode Meter Protection 
 Fuse1/16A/250V 1/16A/250V 
 Polarity Reversing Switch-- Yes 
 Range Doubling Switch-- -- 
 High Accuracy-- -- 
 Mirrored Scale-- -- 
 X-tra Rugged Case-- -- 
 Hand-SizedYes Yes 
 Confidence Test-- -- 
 Battery1 12V, 1 N-Cell 1 12V, 1 N-Cell 
 Dimensions (HxWxD)2.75" x 1.3" x 4.25" 2.75" x 1.3" 4.25" 
 Weight2lbs 2lbs 

Model Features
 Features 310310C
 18 Ranges and Functions YesYes
 AC/DC Voltage to 600V YesYes
 DC Current to 0.6A YesYes
 Resistance to 20M Ohms YesYes
 Decibel function for audio work NoYes
 Polarity Reversing Switch NoYes
 Greater Sensitivity on AC Volts NoYes
 Drop Resistant High-Impact Case YesYes
 Diode Overload Protected Meter YesYes
 Fused Resistance Ranges YesYes
 Single Enclosed Range Switch YesYes
 3 year warranty YesYes


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