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Triplett Hotwire Fox & Hound

Triplett Hotwire Fox & Hound
Triplett Hotwire Fox & Hound  

The Triplett Hotwire Fox and Hound kit is designed to specifically trace live wire circuits. Easily identify and locate powered wires from 1-220V, up to 1000ft in length, 3ft away, and buried 6” deep, from the unit source. Now that’s a powerful cable tracing kit, all stored in a hard-sided case for protection and portability. Along with the modular leads included with this Hotwire kit comes the Fox tone generator with a warble and pulsed tone (user selectable), and the Hound inductive tracer with audio and visual signals.

Use the Hound tracer to detect electrical fields and integrated circuits (sensitivity adjustable). Upon detection, an LED signal strength indicator will begin to flash and the loudspeaker will beep. When using the tone generator, the different tones will help guide you to the wires. The tones are pitch adjustable, so whether someone has good or bad hearing, they can still pick up on the sound and complete the job. Each unit is made of ABS plastic for strength and lightweight use, and is powered by a 9 volt battery.

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