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V-Max 2C Direct Burial Audio Cable

V-Max 2C Direct Burial Audio Cable

Description of V-Max 2C Direct Burial Audio Cable

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Installing cables outdoors can be risky business without the right products, and underground installations require special materials for successful operations. V-Max 2C Direct Burial Audio Cables are designed specifically for underground applications, sheathed in a durable pvc jacket. Weather resistant features ensure that exposure to moisture wonít cause damage to the cable or wires.

Designed with a 2-core stranded conductor, 65 oxygen free copper wire strands make up the VMAX audio connections. With a width of 16 AWG, V-Max Direct Burial audio cables donít take up much space, which is great for complex assemblies.

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Features and Benefits

  • Used for direct burial cable installations
  • Durable, weather-resistant, pvc jacket
  • Oxygen-free copper wire strands
  • Bare copper conductors
  • ETL Listed, CL2 rated


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