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Velcro™ Adhesive-Backed Hook and Loop Dots

Velcro™ Adhesive-Backed Hook and Loop Dots
Velcro Hook and Loop Dots  

What is Hook and Loop?

Hook: The “hook” side of these hook and loop dots is the rougher and more rigid of the two surfaces. “Hook” is the side that can conform to carpeting, and catches onto the “loops.”

Loop: The “loop” side is the softer, more cloth-like surface. Many carpets also form a kind of natural loop that the hook is capable of grabbing onto.

Adhesive-backed hook and loop dots allow you to mount and organize light weight objects such as signs and writing utensils without damaging surfaces with nails or screw holes. Rubber based adhesive dots are designed for durability and to provide a secure hold both indoors and outdoors on both smooth and rough surfaces; such as glass, tile, plastic, metal and wood. Perfect for use in the office, school, home or workshop.

Available in beige to blend in with wood or other natural décor. Can be used in environmental temperatures ranging from -40°F to 150°F. Velcro dots are a standard 3/4" diameter to provide a good amount of surface area for securing objects. Reusable and adjustable mounting process enables you to change an item’s position whenever plausible.

Hook and loop dots come in a dispenser box with 200 sets each of “hook” and “loop” dots to accomplish even large tasks.

Please click the ”More Information” tab for application instructions and specifications.

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