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Kendall Howard 2-Post Relay Rack

Kendall Howard 2-Post Relay Rack
24U 2-Post Relay Rack (Part: QOR-KH-1911-3-200-24)  

This 2-Post Relay Rack has a sturdy construction which makes a rigid, reliable rack that can hold up to 800 lbs. of equipment, including switches, patch panels, UPS’s, rack shelves, rackmount keyboard trays, and more.

The rack features four ¼-20 x 0.5”grounding studs on the inside of the rails that allow you to ground your equipment directly to those studs.

Also included with the rack are serrated tooth washers that, when tightened, dig in and remove paint from the rack,establishing electrical continuity throughout the rack.

When multiple 2-Post Relay Racks are needed, simply gang them together with the ganging holes on both sides of the frame. You can even gang both the 24U and 45U size racks together because the holes align.

Cable pass through slots are integrated on the frames to allow cabling to pass through between racks.

The completely open top design allows the 2-Post Relay Rack to accept cable bundles. It also makes the rack compatible with most ladder racks and coordinating accessories.

  • 19" EIA Compliant
  • 10-32 tapped rails
  • Gangable
  • Cold Rolled Steel Construction
  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Ships knocked down
  • Made in USA
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Part #: Price: $
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