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Triplett Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter (MS245)

Triplett Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter (MS245)
Triplett Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter (MS245)  

This instrument is ideal for home inspection, water damage restoration, lumber yards, painting, paper mills, textile, and clothing manufacturing industries, the Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter measures moisture content in wood (6 to 99%) and other building materials (0 to 100%).

Two pin and ten pinless measurement selections for both wood and building materials, making it a reliable tool for various wood and building materials.

Audible and visual moisture alerts alongside Green/Yellow/Red LEDs provide easy interpretation of low, medium, and high moisture levels, also equipped with a built-in calibration check, low battery indicator, and auto power-off function to ensure consistent performance and extended battery life.

A backlit LCD enables viewing measurements in dark or poorly lit areas, and the Data Hold function freezes the reading on the display for improved readability.

  • Includes a protective cap, a 9V battery
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