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22/4 Conductor Stranded Security Wire

22/4 Conductor Stranded Security Wire

Description of 22/4 Conductor Stranded Security Wire

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If you have an alarm system that needs to be reliable and powered by a secure source, then grab 1000ft of this 22/4 Conductor Stranded Security Wire. Cables made from stranded wire are designed to offer more power due to their larger conductors, and come with other benefits for operation.

Security systems that rely on high transmission frequencies will incur fewer decreases in power with stranded wire. In addition, alarms that connect to receiving devices, cameras, and other security accessories can make great use of 22/4 Stranded Conductor Security wire due to its flexibility of use with a variety of electronic devices.

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Features and Benefits

  • Stranded wire for security systems such as alarms
  • Great for powering indoor alarms
  • 22AWG/4 conductors


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