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Micro-Therm MJ-600 Heat Gun

Description of Micro-Therm MJ-600 Heat Gun

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Not bound by electrical cords or outlets, the Micro Therm Heat Gun creates a flame-less temperature of up to 650C (1300F) using standard disposable lighters. This heat gun works well on heat shrinks, heat-activated adhesives, and other miscellaneous uses.

Easy to use, just insert a disposable gas lighter (except child proof) in the Micro-Therm and squeeze the trigger. The Piezo Electronic Self-Starting Ignition ignites the gas without the demand of matches or lighters making it simple and safe to use.

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Features and Benefits

  • Refill with disposable gas lighters.
  • Wind-proof flame with flame nozzle cover.
  • Flame lock feature.

More Info

Out Body Measurements: 11.5 cm H x 8 cm W x 2.5 cmL
Weight: 95g (w/fuel cell)
Fuel: Disposable gas lighter except child proof's
Hours of non-stop Burning: Approx. 20mn burn time (per disposable lighter)
Flame Temperature: 1300F


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