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Middle Atlantic Preconfigured ERK Series Enclosures

Middle Atlantic Preconfigured ERK Series Enclosures
Middle Atlantic Preconfigured ERK Series Enclosures  

When putting together a room for theatre or multimedia entertainment, the best way to get started is with the right set-up. Great for a DIY project, the ERK Series from Middle Atlantic have a preconfigured model set that make installation that much simpler. Constructed out of fully welded 16-guage solid steel, each rack enclosures can support up to 2500lbs of equipment. Along with the leveling feet included with each ERK enclosure, all of your components and devices will be stored in a stable environment.

Airflow and maximum cooling efficiency are two of the top major requirements for storing multimedia equipment, and these Middle Atlantic racks are built to meet those needs. Designed with an integrated fan at the top, side panels for vent blockers, and a convenient rear door bottom vent, the flow of air is controlled, and blockages are kept from forming. In addition, the front door can be locked to keep your equipment secure and theft free. Along with these great features, most multimedia installations have a lot of cables, and Middle Atlantic Preconfigured ERK Enclosures have plenty of strips and straps for all sorts of cable management needs.

  • ERK Enclosure Includes
    -Integrated fan for maximum airflow and reduced heat
    -3-1/4" wide vertical lacer strip
    -(6) Horizontal lacer bars for cable routing
    -Welded side panels with vent blockers for maximum cooling efficiency
    -Configurable rear door with bottom vent and solid locking front door, for increased security
    -(12) 8"Velcro® cable management straps
    -20 Amp power strip(s) to supply power up to (20) outlets
    -Leveling feet for increased stability on uneven flooring
    -(100) 10-32 mounting hardware for installing and securing equipment
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