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Eagle Manufacturing Acid & Corrosive Storage Cabinets

EM Acid & Corrosive Storage Cabinets - 4 Gallon Cabinet

Description of Eagle Manufacturing Acid & Corrosive Storage Cabinets

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Eagle Manufacturing has some great products for storing harmful chemicals and materials, and their Acid and Corrosive Storage Cabinet is nothing shy of their similar products. Made of sturdy 18-gauge metal, each cabinet is durable enough to stand up to the most dangerous of chemicals whilst keeping its feet on the ground. For added resistance, an epoxy powder coating covers the interior and exterior surfaces; in terms of storage, HDPE trays protect against spills and splashes. Included for accidental overflow is an internal sump, able to collect up to one gallon of liquid.

The Eagle Manufacturing Acid & Corrosive Storage Cabinet is absolutely the choice for securing and organizing hazardous liquids and other materials. Equipped with 2-inch vents to contain dangerous fumes and vent-caps to contain fires, this blue storage cabinet meets OSHA requirements and NFPA standards. Each product can be used as a standalone, bench top, or under-desk storage solution in labs and similar facilities. As per usual, all Eagle chemical storage cabinets come with a 3-point key for locking the doors, keeping everything secure and safely put away.

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Features and Benefits

  • Keeps corrosive materials, acids, and other harmful liquids contained and locked away
  • Standard blue color and outer-warning labels comply with OSHA
  • Can be used as standalone, bench top, or under-desk storage solution in labs and other environments
  • 2-inch vent with fire baffle and cap to prevent flames from spreading in the event that a fire occurs
  • Epoxy powder coating on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Locks and opens with a three-point key lock
  • Piano hinge door for secure closure
  • 18-Gauge Steel metal cabinets and Polyethylene plastic cabinets
  • Equipped with an internal sump to collect up to 1 gallon of liquid in case of chemical spill
  • Vented for air circulation and heat dissipation to prevent combustion
  • Meets NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements



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