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Electriduct IP55 Rack Mount Outdoor Network Cabinet Enclosures

Electriduct IP55 Rack Mount Outdoor Network Cabinet Enclosures
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For outdoor server and network applications, the weatherproof rack mount cabinet is designed to protect equipment from water, environmental elements, and debris.

With front and rear doors, allows easy access for installation and maintenance while the o-ring around each door creates a water resistant seal and the security locks (keys included) keep your devices safe from tamper.

Built with a strong frame, the side panels feature a double-layer structure with a 1” void to help with heat transfer and meets GB4208-93 standard and IP55 (water/dust ingress) while providing ventilation.

The inside frame rack accepts cage nut style fasteners that works with standard EIA-19-inch components and includes 2 shelves for easy accessory storage.

To help manage heat and airflow, 2 fans with thermostat are mounted at the top of the cabinet to keep equipment from overheating.

The bottom panel of cabinet has holes for permanent mounting and 2 pass-through for cables.

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